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Normal scalp / normal hair

The secretion of sebum is smooth, the color of bone skin is clear and clean, the pores are not blocked by keratin and sebum, and the skin color is clear and transparent.
  • Solution
  • Because there are damage factors of hair such as temperature, wind, sunburn, perm, dyeing, use of dryer, etc. continuous management is needed.

Dry scalp / dry hair

Hair type that bone skin is felt pulling, hair has no vitality and rough feeling, hair ends are split and it is difficult to create a style. Overall, this hair is thin, dry and damaged.
  • Solution
  • when hair becomes dry after shampooing, brush it and replenish moisture and oil by applying hair oil to the bone skin enough to prevent drying of scalp and hair as much as possible.

Oily scalp / oily hair

Hair type covered with oil, smell, drooping and no volume even within a few hours after hair is cleaned, and if having acne or oily skin, it usually belongs to this type, and about 80% of Koreans are oily bone skin type.
  • Solution
  • use in combination with a shampoo with high cleaning power, and if the condition is severe, increase the number of shampoo by two times a day, use shampoo in the evening, and rinse with lukewarm water in the morning.

Complexity scalp

1. Oily bone skin / dry hair - the type that bone skin is oily, but hair is dry because of frequent perm or dyeing. Most of the young women nowadays belong to this type.
2. Dry bone skin / oily hair - as rare cases, hair shampoo about once every two days.
  • Solution
  • use hair conditioner coated with protein ingredients that can nourish hair.

Seborrheic scalp

The hair is itchy and often scratched by hand. The bone skin is covered with grease and gradually weakens, causing inflammation. It becomes red without a normal color, it becomes red by part, and inflammation occurs. The hair do not get a shiny look, and the hair is sticky and gathered as if felt pasted
  • Solution
  • It is well managed but periodically recurrent disease, and should be managed as the attitude of controlling the disease

Sensitive scalp

It refers to a case in which the keratin of bone skin portions is removed more than necessary or is sensitive due to stress, etc.
  • Solution
  • When shampooing, massage not to give strong pressure on the scalp, dry the scalp and hair thoroughly after shampooing, and provide sufficient nutrition.

Hair loss progressing scalp

As thick black hair does not grow enough to be thin and weak, the hair loses much faster than normal, thereby shortening the hair cycle.
  • Solution
  • Hair loss is caused by deterioration of blood circulation, unbalanced nutrition, excessive stress, and improper environment, so it is necessary to live a healthy and comfortable life in harmony with man and environment.

Dandruff scalp

Dandruff is a kind of dermatitis caused by the appearance of fat or dust on the keratin skin, which comes off the surface of the skin. Dandruff is the thing piled up in the flesh of the head as it does not fall off well due to hair, and if dandruff is pathologically much, it is called Dandruff Symptoms, medically Dry Seborrhea.
  • Solution
  • void excitement, live a regular life, clean hair and often wash hair While eating vitamin B2-rich foods (milk, meat, eggs, etc.), use shampoos and cleanings for dandruff.

SELFScalp massage

  • STEP 1
  • Grab the crown of the head with one hand and stretch neck and trapezius muscle slowly. (Repeat left and right equally)
  • STEP 2
  • Spread fingers and massage the scalp with fingertips as if drawing a small circle.
  • STEP 3
  • Hold fist and tap lightly several times from the back of your ears to the center of the middle ear.
  • STEP 4
  • With both fingers spread lightly, push down from the top of the head and sweep down.
  • STEP 5
  • Massage the scalp with fingertips of both fingers as if drawing a small circle.